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Whilst the Income and Expenditure section is Optional, it does contribute to a Credit Scoring total upon which a Credit Approval is based - Completion of this section CAN influence a marginal decision.

Data Protection - Use of Customer Information

The information that you provide to UK Autolease will be disclosed to the lender for the purpose of considering the credit application. The lender will use a process known as Credit Scoring. Decline based on this automated technique can be reviewed manually upon request. The lender will use this information to carry out enquires with approved Credit Reference Agencies. A record of this search will be kept and may be used by other lenders in assessing the applications from you and members of your household for credit in future. To prevent fraud, other lenders will check this information with Fraud Prevention Agencies. When an application is received from a business, information will be sought from Credit Reference Agencies on the company directors and/or partners as individuals. The company may use this information for marketing (by post, telephone, email or fax) subject to conditions of the Data Protection Act (1994). If you do not wish for these details to be used, please inform the company in writing. If this is a joint application, you must be entitled to disclose the information about your co-applicant and anyone else referred to be you, and to authorise the company to search and/or record information at Credit Reference Agencies, which will link the financial records of both applicants. The introducer (completing the proposal form) should also tell you of the purposes for which they will use this information.